A webcomic focusing on sin of wrath, a green rabbit named Jack, and his adventures in the afterlife.


3rd Sep 2003, 12:50 PM in Arc XV: Hell Is That Noise
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phoedra91 10th Jun 2022, 6:34 AM
Hi Todd!
Guest 24th Aug 2022, 8:58 AM
Well Hoi Todd You met a terrible terrible demise you should’ve stay with your democratic children an broken wife see ya Todd there are more fate in this comic to see~~
Anya 6th Sep 2022, 1:37 AM
This was one of my favorite stories in this comic. Wonder if Todd will ever figure out a way to escape the script of his after-life.
Dunno 7th Feb 2023, 8:01 PM
That is just terrifying to me, I mean he looked me right in the eye!