A webcomic focusing on sin of wrath, a green rabbit named Jack, and his adventures in the afterlife.


30th May 2022, 9:00 AM in Bonus Arc: Cliff, Part I
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Evolver 31st May 2022, 7:12 AM
It's good to see you again!
fullmoonwolfy 6th Jun 2022, 1:25 PM
Wow art looking clean
Guest 28th Jun 2022, 2:55 PM
Is this the final arc of the comic?
DarkwingDude 28th Jun 2022, 3:04 PM
No, Dave is doing the final arc in four parts. He has the first section up on FA. Story is here.

The complete final arc will be posted here when all four sections are done.

This is a story that was originally print-only from about 20 years ago. Going forward, the archive will be for posting old Jack stories that were not originally a part of the archive, as well as new stories created by guest writers and artists.
TCD 5th Jul 2022, 8:55 PM
....2004 was only 18 years.



(If you remember me from...about that long ago.)

DarkwingDude 6th Jul 2022, 5:45 AM
Heya TCD, it's been a while! Where have you been keeping yourself?
TCD 6th Jul 2022, 1:38 PM
Tumblr mostly. AO3, a little bit of reddit. Basically away from the fandom alongside Life. You know how it goes. Been pretty good. How're you? Where's everyone else these days? (I may or may not be waiting for my FA account to be transferred into my current email...)
DarkwingDude 6th Jul 2022, 2:37 PM
Hey, great to hear! I'm on Discord and Telegram, a lot of folks from the ol' forum are there as well (Dave has a Discord). I chat with quite a few of them. I've got a couple of my own comics here on ComicFury.
Guest 16th Jul 2022, 7:38 AM
Jack - The End
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Drippers 16th Jul 2022, 4:37 PM
Not yet, they are waiting for me to finish it.
Guest 13th Sep 2022, 1:23 AM
Wow the digitized version is a shock to the system, but I like it.